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       Mission & Vision

Mission: To continually improve our customers' ability to identify their unique capabilities and solutions that align, fill gaps  and create a niche in the Federal sector.

Vision: Bring high quality, unique solutions to  the Federal Sector

High Personal and Professional  Standards

Diligent in Finding Solutions

Committed to Building  Strong Connections

Efficiently Build Relationships

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Mrs. Gibson, the Owner of Right Wind Consulting, LLC, is a Strategic Planning and Business Development Consultant with extensive policy, programming, energy management, contracting and business development experience in the Federal sector.

Prior to starting Right Wind, she served as the Army Account Manager for Schneider Electric, ensuring that the mission, vision, and goals of the US Army as a whole, each installation, medical facility and Guard and Reserve unit serviced are taken into account.  She works in detail with all of the Business Units within Schneider to ensure projects are delivered with complete integration in mind.  Mrs. Gibson focused a great deal of effort on the DoD and Army Strategic Initiatives in Resiliency, Sustainability and Cybersecurity, which have resulted in investment in Risk Management Framework Type Authorization efforts, Cybersecurity, and Resiliency through microgrids.    Prior to March, 2014, Mrs. Gibson was Chief, Planning and Outreach Branch in the Energy Division at the US Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville.

In the 14 years Mrs. Gibson was at the Corps, she served in the Energy, Chemical Demilitarization, Ballistic Missile Defense, and Ordnance and Explosive Divisions.  Prior to coming to the Corps, she had extensive program/project management experience in medical, logistics, and oil and gas.

Mrs. Gibson is a Project Management Professional, and was Acquisition Corps Certified, and Acquisition Workforce Level III certified in Facilities Engineering and Level II certified in Program/Project Management.




American Wind is bridging the microgrid gap where the solar alone is falling short. Their products and solutions are mission enablers that will reduce future resource risk by going where others cannot go. At home or abroad they provide consistent storable energy in a flexible configurable deploable manner. 

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